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Fun filled one-on-one yoga sessions for kids
Yoga for kids. Yoga for kids with special needs.
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YogaLiveLink brings Yoga for Kids to your Home

YogaLiveLink provides one-on-one yoga sessions live and online for your child. You and your child meet up with your own Kids’ Yoga instructor through streaming web-video for a totally personalized and highly interactive yoga session.

Yoga Kids Classes

Our certified Yoga Instructors combine their yoga classes with beautiful yoga poses mimicking animals or fable characters to create concentration, relaxation and body awareness through visualization, breath, movement, and music. Introduce your active child to the benefits of yoga as they build strength, balance and focus. They will learn about emotional balance, and how to use the breath and the body to calm down big emotions. Every class’ goal is to have lots of fun and a meaningful yoga experience for your child.

Yoga for the Special Child

Sessions are taught by a certified Special Education Teacher and Yoga Facilitator. The goal of these sessions is to help your child develop a sense of equilibrium between body and mind. Each session is individualized to meet your child's unique needs.

Your child will develop a toolbox of skills that can easily be transferred into the classroom, anxious doctor visits, and everyday living activities. This program is beneficial for children with physical, cognitive and social communication deficits, which may include disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD and other emotional and behavioral challenges.

Some Specific Benefits for your Child

  • Improved body awareness and physical confidence
  • Outlet for social interaction, self-expression and imagination
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Playful way for children to relax in an increasingly stress-filled world

All you need is a webcam, an Internet connection and a yoga mat!

Just select a time from the online calendar with our Yoga For Kids instructor. Then, find a comfortable spot at your home for your child to interact online with the instructor, turn on the computer and webcam, and let the fun and learning begin!